After the standard pw reset procedure the combination admin/admin still does not work.

The system can be accessed by IP, but the login still fails.

  1. Turn off your NAS
  2. Disconnect both drives.
  3. Turn on the NAS. (You'll hear a short "beep")
  4. After 2-3 minutes, a long beep will be heard, and the NAS can be seen in QNAP Finder
  5. Hot-plug both HDDs into the NAS (Do not power off the NAS. Do not follow the quick setup)
    (HDD1 is at the bottom, and connects directly to the motherboard. HDD2 is above HDD1, and connects via cables)
  6. Access your NAS via SSH (using PuTTY) (Note: it's IP address may have changed, use QNAP Finder if necessary to determine it's IP address)
  7. Execute the following commands on the NAS:


    config_util 1
    storage_boot_init 1
    mv /mnt/HDA_ROOT/.config/passwd /mnt/HDA_ROOT/.config/passwd.OLD
    cp /etc/default_config/passwd /mnt/HDA_ROOT/.config/passwd
    cp /etc/default_config/shadow /mnt/HDA_ROOT/.config/shadow
    cp /etc/default_config/group /mnt/HDA_ROOT/.config/group
    sleep 2


  8. Wait for NAS to reboot