AppleDB is a database that store metadata used by afp. If you have any strange issues on specified share folder, like folder/files became hidden, color label changed, or CNID DB error, you can use the following procedures to remove the database. The NAS will recreate the database if it cannot find the database. However, all metadata, lile file attribute, color label will be lost. Please use the steps with caution.

Step 1. Make sure ssh service is enabled

a. Login to NAS web UI, go to Network Service -> Telnet/SSH

b. Make suer ssh is enabled on port 22.

Step 2. Login to NAS by ssh

a. Open Mac Finder, select "Go To" -> Utility -> Terminal

b. On Terminal, type "ssh" which is the IP address of the NAS.

c. Input the password of admin and then press "Enter"

Step 3. Remove the .AppleDB

a. Make usre the share folder name you have problem with.

b. Input the following command

rm /share/"Sharename"/.AppleDB -r

(Note: "rm" is the command for deleting the file, please make sure to confirm the "share folder " that you have problem with.)

For example, if you have problem with Public share folder, input the following

rm /share/Public/.AppleDB -r

Please note that it is case-sensitive

c. After above command, you can then reconnect the network share from your Mac.