Instructions to disable SMB 2.1 manually:

filer> priv set diag; setflag smb_enable_2_1 0; priv set
Note: this affects all CIFS services on the controller, across all vFilers

To make this persistent over reboots, run the command below:

filer> wrfile -a /etc/rc “priv set diag; setflag smb_enable_2_1 0; priv set”


Verify the changes in the /etc/rc file:
filer> rdfile /etc/rc


Note: Disabling SMB 2.1 affects new connections only. Future connections will negotiate at the SMB 2.0 protocol level.


If you need to be absolutely certain that all clients are negotiating SMB 2.0, terminating and restarting CIFS after disabling SMB 2.1 is an option.
Note: This operation is service-disrupting.


Run the following commands to terminate and restart CIFS after manually disabling SMB2.1:

For customers with MultiStore:
filer> vfiler run * cifs terminate -t 0; vfiler run * cifs restart

For customers without MultiStore:
filer> cifs terminate -t 0; cifs restart